Digital Production BuZZ Interview

After getting a chance to meet Cirina Catania last week at the latest BOSCPUG meeting, she contacted me about conducting an interview with Digital Production BuZZ.  I was already a fan of The BuZZ and all that they do for the post production community.  Quite frankly, I was flattered when asked.  When I called in before the show to briefly meet the hosts, they were cordial, warm, and inviting.  All that you could ask for.  I was given a list of questions in advance, but as the conversation evolved we quickly went off script.  Which was totally fine with me.  I applaud Larry’s ability to go with the flow.  It makes the show much more genuine.  The conversation flowed naturally and I think I handled myself pretty well.  There was one mistake, however, when I referred to H.264 4:2:0 chroma subsampling as a color space.  Whoops.  Chalk that one up to live radio, I guess.

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