Mixing Light -Affiliate

Recently I have been singing the praises of Mixing Light and all they have to offer the world of color correction.  Pat Inhofer, Robbie Carman, and Dan Moran have been incredibly ambitious and are slowly removing the mystique that comes with color correction.  No longer do aspiring colorists have to spend hours on end at a post facility assisting and observing a senior artist in order to learn the ropes.  Hardware and software is now more affordable than ever and available to the masses.

While doing posts on their website from time to time, they have recently asked me to be an affiliate of their group.  I feel strongly that these gentlemen are furthering the craft that puts food on my table and I could not sing their praises highly enough.  They have a great attention to detail and a sense of professionalism that is second to none.  There is no other team that I would want to hitch my wagon to.  These guys are in it for the long haul.

To a colorist just starting out or to someone who is experienced and works with clients on a daily basis, the site has a ton to offer.  I, myself, find that I learn something new from these guys everyday.  When discussing potential posts with Pat, Robbie, and Dan I always feel that I leave the conversation with more than when I started.

Call it cheesy, call it a sales pitch, call it whatever you want.  But I firmly believe in Mixing Light and all that it has to offer.  Monthly, quarterly, and annual memberships are available and are worth their weight in gold.  By clicking on this link you can test out a trial run or sign up for a plan that fits you best.

We’re all in this together as colorists and most of the time there is no one right answer to what we do.  Hearing new perspectives and seeing things in a different light are what we sometimes need to get the creative juices flowing.

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