House of Cards 4K workflow

We all remember the switch from SD to HD.  Those clunky 4×3 televisions are now a thing of the past.  With HD televisions in nearly every home, is it now time to raise the bar and take the quality of television to the next level?  The Netflix team thinks so.  Their highly acclaimed original content is now being finished in 4K as they bank on the next revolution in home viewing.  Every year we hear more and more about finishing 4K, but really nobody outside of theatrical releases head in that direction.  The home viewing environment is slowly acclimating to this new technology and it’s only a matter of time before HD gets kicked to the curb just like SD did.  Questions and doubts still exist.  Bandwidth, cable companies, streaming options, all present issues that will need to be ironed out.  But it’s coming, and Netflix is doing their best to be ready for it.

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