An inside look at Mad Max: Fury Road

I recently had the pleasure of watching “Mad Max: Fury Road” in theaters last week and was completely blown away.  I can’t remember the last time a movie impacted me the way that this one did.  The cinematography, editing, visual effects, and color were all outstanding.  I left completely inspired.  I had been saving articles and videos that I wanted to study after watching the film and I finally just made my way through them all.  I figured I’d share my favorites here for anyone who’d be interested.

One of the most insightful pieces was a two hour talk with John Seale and David Burr.  These two experienced veterans give a behind the scenes look at all the hard work that went into the production of the film and bringing George Miller’s vision to life.

My personal favorite was a fxguide podcast with vfx supervisor Andrew Jackson and colorist Eric Whipp (for obvious reasons).  It was really interesting to hear Mr. Whipp’s approach on such a massive undertaking.

Lastly, I found this video very interesting from an editing aspect.  The concept is pretty simple: keep the action centered on quick edits so the focal point is solid.  Seeing it laid out in front of you is quite powerful.

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