Technicolor Acquires The Mill

Last week Technicolor made quite the splash in the post production world by acquiring industry powerhouse The Mill for €259 million .  This aggressive move will definitely be an interesting one to watch as they push to involve more vfx work to compliment their already impressive resume.

The line between color and visual effects is being blurred more and more everyday.  I can now effectively key and despill green screen footage effectively and grade in the same environment while dropping in a background plate.  It seems common now, but just 5 years ago it was a huge deal to pull off something like this.  While I’d still like to leave most of that work to a compositor, in a pinch, I can make it happen.  It just goes to show how important it is to stay on top of the technology so we don’t get left behind as things change.  Involvement and discussion with each other as artists helps everyone get better.  Communication is key, people.  Make it happen!

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