Pluralsight DaVinci Resolve tutorials

At NAB 2015 after giving a couple of demos on Resolve 12 I was approached by a man from Digital Tutors about creating some introductory tutorials for their website once the new software was released.  Honestly, I hadn’t heard of the site before, but upon further investigation I was quite impressed.  They offered a vast amount of tutorials for creative software that ranged from novice to expert.  It was explained to me that more and more people were asking about Resolve and the demand was quite high to get some beginner classes on their site.

When Resolve 12 was released to the public Digital Tutors had joined forces with Pluralsight (a company that offered very similar services).  This merger made quite a powerful combination and resource for creative individuals.

To get things started, we collaborated and came up with a lesson plan that would hit on some very basic color theory while eventually shifting to an overview of the actual software.  At first I found it quite challenging to narrate and grade at the same time, but after a little practice I got the hang of it.  The sound of my own recorded voice still weirds me out a little.  Hopefully down the road we can do some more tutorials together and spread some color grading knowledge!

Anyways, if you’re curious about how these tutorials came out or want to give them a shot, just click on this link and you can check them out in more detail.

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