The Lowepost Colorist Community

It’s not very often that you get insights from colorists explaining the work that they do and how they do it.  As grading has become more popular, however, it seems as though more artists are willing to share some of their tips and techniques to help further the craft and expand the public’s knowledge.  Part of the mysticism behind grading is learning how to analyze an image and grading it tastefully (which only really comes with experience).

In a new website, Lowepost, is offering just that.  They’re showcasing an insiders perspective on color grading from actual colorists.  Some beautiful movies are highlighted on the site and the articles are quite engaging and interesting to read.  I know the site has already helped me gather together some new ideas and inspiration.

They offer a paid premium content section which has over 30 movies at the moment with some iconic movies that I imagine will be quite engaging.  I have yet to pull the trigger on purchasing the membership, but I surely will in the near future.  These type of things pay for themselves quickly.  If I can get one useful piece of information that makes me better at my job, then it’s money well spent.

It’s really nice to see something like this available to the general public.  For years the work of colorists was generally unknown and received very little credit.  But as technology and software has evolved, more people are now aware of what a good colorist brings to the table.  Color grading still isn’t at the forefront of post production, but it’s definitely more noticeable thanks to sites like Lowepost.  And that’s a step in the right direction.



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