Colorist Podcast

For me, one of the best resources for color grading inspiration is to simply listen to other colorists talk about their craft.  I really enjoy learning about how they entered the industry, their experiences in the color suite, and what makes them grade the way they do.  It appears that fellow colorist, Josh Petok has a similar passion.  The only difference is, he actually did something constructive (unlike me) and created the Colorist Podcast.

I have been following the podcast since it’s first episode with Lynette Duensing and anxiously await the new monthly content.  I have to admit, I was quite surprised when Josh asked me to be a guest on his show.  Flattered, to be honest.  I have known Josh for a couple of years and it was really fun to partake in the interview.  He has a great way about him that makes him very easy to talk to.

Wether you give my episode a listen or not, do yourself a favor and tune in to past and future episodes.  There is a vast amount of color knowledge out there that you can’t find in textbooks and tutorials.  A huge portion of grading is experience.  And learning from those who have done it is one of the most valuable learning tools out there.


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